Stance ● 1923 Homecomin

Welcome to a “three days special” where all you are about to see are three posts about Stance socks. Its distributor for Italy is the notorious Blue Distribution that always makes sure I post here a few Stance socks each season.

Do any of you remember the ones I posted last season? Or those A Tribe Called Quest socks that I posted here not long ago? We don’t move much from Tribe stomping ground because today we review New York Yankees socks by Stance called 1923 Homecomin. You rocked the cap for ages, you even dare to cop a shiny satin varsity jacket so what can stop you from getting the socks? New York Yankees is synonymous for Euro cats of the American dream. The most famous baseball team of the MLB is at the center of a true cult spread all over the planet that lead to the creation of this pair.

Pants keep on changing fit and their length is getting way shorter than before so the time is right to show some love to Uncle Sam favorite team. The 1923 Homecomin style has all these little NY embroidered on the front of your leg while the feet, inspired by pinstripe baseball shirts has nothing but grey stripes in a blue field.

The quality of Stance socks is what built the reputation of this brand together with the crazy styles that have something in stock for each and every of us. Not feeling crazy colored socks? Peep the Athletic division then check Premium styles then, it’s all online at Check back tomorrow: more Stance socks, less problems!

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