Stance ● B.I.G.

Here we are, at the third installment of our three days special on Stance. I used music as a common denominator for three very different styles: I started with The End (no pun intended) creating an imaginary bridge among its Scorpion themed pattern and Drake latest album. Then I payed homage to an all time great called David Bowie. Today I want to end with something that means a lot to me: a pair of socks representing The Notorious B.I.G.

Christopher Wallace was the epitome of a street hustler turned rapper but I think you may already know. What I found myself constantly refecting on is how timeless is its style of rapping. Its deep voice and the wicked wordplay that he used to take rap storytelling to the extreme is something that marked hip hop irreversibly.

Stance recognized this iconic figure for a while now. In its Anthem section, this brand dedicated more than a style to the Brooklyn MC for a couple of seasons already and one of the latest to join the family is this style simply called B.I.G. The graphic approach here is to give a street art touch (may I dare to say Basquiat?) to a shot of the legendary serie of Biggie rocking the Raiders headband.

The utmost quality that Stance got you used to even here won’t leave you disappointed. This style has a terry loop in forefoot, heel and toe for better cushioning, arch support, a reinforced heel and toe for longer lasting and a seamless toe closure for maximum comfort.

Even if I showed you three different styles the range of this brand is almost endless, this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are not a music fan there are graphic styles rather than NBA socks, extremely functional invisibles and way more. If I was you at this point I would browse Stance section on Blakshop in order to find the pair that will make you say: unbelievable!
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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