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I am a Stance super fan. Having watched its growth, starting from a brand with a cool concept and evolving into a global leader of its category has been funny from my side. I first posted Stance Screaming Hand six years ago and style after style now we are here, blessed every season by new crisp designs. That’s why I wanted to start this Stance special that will last a week with Blessed style.


I  will post five different styles, one each day and this is the one I want to start this marathon with. Blessed is becoming a slang world that I get to hear more and more.


You say bless to your friend to tell him that you love his idea, rather than at the moment when you leave him instead of saying “bye”.  To be blessed means to live stress free, doing what you love, while everything goes by the book. Now tell me: who doesn’t love all the above?


Give a look to these socks and you will find the same style of graphics that you may have seen on a Kanye West album. Mixing two different craftsmanship such as tie dye and jacquard, the black ribbed fabric of these socks has been bleached to create those irregular stripes. For what concerns the Blessed design it is part of the fabric (that’s basically what jacquard stands for).


The athletic ribbed construction keeps these socks worn by Elisabetta L in their place while the seamless construction is the apex of comfort. What makes this pair ideal for sports or all day use is its terry loop in forefoot, heel and toe for medium cushion. Stance section on Blakshop is there with all the socks you always dreamed of plus some. Take some time and you will see there are even boxers and bikinis there.

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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