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If there is a milestone in gangster movies that must be Boyz n the hood. The masterpiece that had director John Singleton earning Oscar nominations for best original screenplay and best director had the hard task to explain life in the Creenshaw neighborhood to the world. Considering that the movie screened in movie theaters in 1991 and Stance dedicated to it a pair of socks in 2019 it is quite accurate to define it an iconic movie.


Crushed dreams to become a sports star, gang philosophy and social relationships of the less glam side of Los Angeles come into play in this movie. Its stellar cast, beside the great debut as an actor of rapper Ice Cube, includes Cuba Gooding Jr, Lawrence Fishburn and Angela Bassett among others. Add to this a soundtrack where you can find, beside Cube himself, Yo-Yo, Main Source, 2 Live Crew and Too Short and it’s safe to say that culturally this movie weights a ton.


No wonder that its status of heavyweight gets noticed by Stance, whose attention to covering all alternative cultures is one of a kind. Didn’t we see yesterday in our weekly special a pair of socks dedicated to the legendary Grateful Dead?!


This pair in order to give photographic justice to the playbill of the movie has been sublimated printed. It is in this way that you get the neat photo and the claim “it ain’t no fairy tale” on the ankle.


The logo of the movie ended up on feet is well defined, thanks to its jacquard craftsmanship. This pair is quite thin and its seamless toe closure always makes your (Crip) walk comfortable. What are you waiting for to spice up your Summer outfit? Can you resist to the idea of Boyz n the hood socks showing below your cargo shorts? Luckily you can count on Blakshop, whose Stance section is ready to catch you by surprise. Don’t get too caught up to forget that tomorrow there is another Stance pair that I will post here…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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