Stance ● Cologne 3 Pack

One of the main reasons that pushes Mark Gonzales to skate is that he is fighting pedestrians and traffic. That’s why yesterday, in my second installment of my 3 days special on Stance, I told you that today I would have posted a pair about another kind of “street fighter”. I really would like to enter his mind kinda like in that movie “Being John Malkovich” but I am just a great fan of him. I even wrote a retrospective about the Gonz on Share Skateboarding.

Here today, worn by Beatrice C, we have a lethal combination that is hard to beat. Skin Phillips photography straight outta Transworld Skateboarding of an event that had Mark Gonzales as the main character from back in the days. I didn’t even had to do my researches because I do remember this like it was yesterday.

A Cologne Art Museum in 1998 gave permission to the most creative mind that ever blessed the skateboarding community to do a skate installation. This meant that he brought a ramp to wall, a U shaped tube and a couple of other obstacles to give life to a unique performance that stated once again how skateboarding is an art form from his perspective.

Beside the museum our hero included a street session that is also part of that piece by Skin Phillips. Could you imagine how surprised I was to find out that this Transworld piece was turned into Cologne 3 Pack? Not a pack of three pairs but rather a pack with… three socks. Remember those Stance Gonz socks that I reviewed last season? Mismatched socks seems to be Gonz favorites but in this case you have a spare extra sock in your pair.

Thanks Gonz, skateboarding wouldn’t be the same without you. Same for Stance and socks: we would never have another brand so daring to represent in this way a piece of skateboard history. Peep all Stance socks online on Blakshop and choose yours (without fighting)
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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