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You should have figured me out by now: I’m obsessively researching on things that leave the average guy completely indifferent. If these Stance socks would be “a white pair to skate in” for the above mentioned dude, these socks for me represent a hieroglyph to decipher.

When I received these socks from Blue Distribution I felt provoked. I swear, I felt challenged like “what are you ever going to say about these almost white socks?”. In these cases the first two steps I take is a) I check Stance website b) I check Blakshop website. I got to say that the latter was way more effective than the first. While Stance had to say that white socks are making a comeback not saying much more, Blakshop described in a very technical way why these socks are ideal for your skateboarding sessions.

Now that I read both descriptions I know a little more about these socks: belonging to the Classic Crew type, the Days will protect your feet with a cushioning system that manifests in a slightly padded arch support and terry loop in forefoot, heel and toe. But how about the graphics?

Its name and the daisy drawing lead me to think that this was probably related to De La Soul debut album but no: “3 feet high and rising” is from 1989 while on the socks that Gloria L is wearing there is 1991 written. Then the truth hit me like a lightning: this is a tribute to Blind “Video Days”. Jason Lee wears a tee with that circle dollar sign in that video and guess what? Spike Jonze signed this classic in 1991.

A third pair of Stance socks will be posted tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. See you tomorrow, don’t trip!
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Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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