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It all goes back to the original claim that Stance created in its early days: #punksandpoets. It was a way to let people know that only inspiration counted for this brand that welcomed people from all paths of life. You may be a surfer, a skater, a runner, an NBA player or a PGA player rather than a street artist but if your skills and personality get along with the brand you are welcome. We focus on the latter today for this pair: Sketchy Tank.


As it often happens these days, once you have skills the digital world may help you spread the word and this guy with a folder on his computer called “Sketchy Tank” got noticed for the unique traits of its designs. In that folder he had byproducts of our out of control society, sketchy situations that celebrate the trash side of life, so that’s the nickname he choose to keep his real identity secret. These hidden characters from MF Doom to early Ghostface Killah, to Banksy always got me intrigued so it could not be any different with Sketchy Tank.


In this pair of socks is called Eye Spy, art extends from the design itself to the name of the item, a brilliant wordplay among I and Eye. Check these shots of Elisabetta L and you can do nothing but love her socks. There is a surprise effect, where the stripes aren’t there to decorate your socks but to hide the little creature inside of them.


Its athletic ribbed construction is very pleasant to wear: while your socks avoid to go down, you don’t feel them tight around your leg. Made with jacquard craftsmanship (read yesterday’s post to know what jacquard means) top to bottom, this style expresses wicked humor without forgetting of comfort. Its elastic arch support together with seamless toe closure really make a difference when you wear it.


It goes without saying that this pair of socks can boost your outfit, no matter if you wear long or short pants. Cop them on Blakshop and come back here tomorrow: the weekly special on Stance is not over…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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