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Stance is a bit like a record shop for all music fans. No matter which is your favorite music, there is always a way to go there and hang out to discover what are the killer new releases. I didn’t use the word killer by accident because today we are about to give a look to Stance Ghostface Killah socks.

I saw Ghostface live twice (one of these live shows is even posted here on The Maxiemillion) and one time with the whole Wu Tang Clan so who could do a proper review but me. Ghostface is my favorite Wu Tang member. I can’t do nothing but beside being conscious of its superior writing level I am fascinated by its flamboyant sense of style.

It all started with Iron Man, Ghostface first album that had Raekwon and Cappadonna as main guests, and then Supreme Clientele made me blow a fuse. I will never forget when I could rap Nutmeg or later on Be Easy by heart, really feeling every word, glad that I could let words go out of my mouth with such an excellent rhyming pattern. But here we aren’t at a b-boy summit: The Maxiemillion is a streetwear blog, so we should talk about these socks.

Paying hommage to the glorious Iron Man cover, these socks have bicolored feet. This is a sort of tribute to the Clark’s Wallabees on the cover picture of Ghost, Rae and Cappa customizing colorways of the above mentioned shoes that are an icon of old school hip hop. You wore Wallabees in New York as a sign of wealth, during the crack era of the mid 80s.

Strictly for hip hop heads, consider these socks related to the Wu Tang Patch Socks that we saw here last summer. It’s easy to say but I just can’t resist: Wu Tang (and therefor Ghost) are nuthin’ ta f___ with. Cop this pair on Blakshop and come back tomorrow for the last guest of this socks marathon based on music.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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