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This special on Stance has a simple goal: to open your eyes on how wide is its range. No matter if you are endlessly in love with hip hop icons or if you are a David Bowie die hard fan, if you skate or play basketball, if you want to show off or if you are just in need of technically superior socks: search no more, your pair is here.


This second installment of our Stance week is dedicated to Grateful Dead. They say that timing is everything and in our case it could not be more accurate. It’s really simple and it goes like this. It is festivals season real soon but this started around last summer: tie dye is living a newfound renaissance because of them.


I am not talking about dressing like a hippie but rather play with the mix and match theory slipping an item or two in an outfit. Consider that beside those streetwear items from this or that brand that you may have already seen around, even high fashion jumped on the bandwagon.


Prada and Ralph Lauren, to name the most popular, created tie dye items so rest assured: it’s not the distorted vision of a pretentious blogger. Stance gave it its own twist creating a collaboration with the most praised authority when it comes to tie dye: Grateful Dead.


The hippie ensemble from the 60s had an album release in 2003 called The History of Grateful Dead. On the back of its cover you could find a happy crew of marching bears on the back and this is the inspiration behind this pair of Stance here worn by Elisabetta L. did I forget to say that Grateful Dead fans aka Deadheads always wore… tie dye?! Peep how the Feel 360 technology has an anatomical cushioning on this pair. This is all but a hippie pair of socks, let me tell you. I suggest you two things: to check Stance section on Blakshop and to come here tomorrow to give a look to another outstanding pair of socks.

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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