Stance ● Hecho Low + The Fourth Low Super Invisibles

Let me clear one thing from the get go: I do not support Trump. There is no huge wall in this post dividing Mexico from the United States. Mexicans seem like nice people to me: they are great workers from what I heard but beside that, their folkloristic costumes, their ancient history and… their beers get all my respect.

I appreciate their struggle to let their national values and culture survive from the American giant that want to crush them. The more I write, the more I think that I shall go visit them one day. In the meantime I can feast my eyes with these Stance socks Hecho Low here worn by Claudia S. Belonging to the Invisibles family, this pair together with the all American The Fourth Low Super Invisibles lets you wear your favorite sneakers looking like you have no socks on.

I don’t know where you stay but two things about Italy (where I live) are 100% sure: we are having a really hot summer and the sockless look when you wear sneakers is taking over. If you thought that Stance was all about long colorful socks like I showed you last time on that video on YouTube, think twice.

We are talking about the number one socks brand on this planet we call earth so you may count on its range to provide multiple solutions for all your needs. Blakshop has an extended Stance selection for you to choose from.

Get down with this brand by Blue Distribution: from sports to fashion, from long to short, Stance got you covered (or if not the whole you, your feet at least…).

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