Stance ● Madre Santa

Stance is back for the second installment of my 3 days special where I give you an insight on this brand. Yesterday was Monday and we had to warm up but now it’s already Tuesday and we are ready for something more intense. If the subject of my post was a pair of striped socks, now we are ready to take a trip to Mexico City.

It was December 1531 when Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared several times to Juan Diego and created this religious cult that is one of the most followed on the planed. The image of the deity is worshipped by most Mexicans and its iconographic value is still strong to this day, up to become tattoos and streetwear t-shirts. Without going too deep on this subject we shall focus on Stance socks, one of the most eclectic brands of Blue Distribution roster.

I don’t use the word “eclectic” very often but which brand can design socks under Rihanna creative direction and have an official collaboration with Slayer at the same time?! Beside this example there is a huge range of socks not related to music but to baseball, skateboarding, basketball, the list is long. We are in an era where nothing stays the same and this is exactly what inspires this brand: fast change and the desire to lead the change.

These Madre Santa socks here worn by Michela P are a brilliant example of sublimated print on socks.

What you should do now is browse Stance section of Blakshop and put the code THEMAXIE20 for a 20% discount before checkout. Last installment tomorrow here: more Stance, more style!
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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