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How did I first get in touch with The Misfits is a simple thing: they were a cult among hardcore punks of my age in 1986. May we say that it was a case of a cult inside a cult? Without the world wide web there were only fanzines acting as glue keeping our movement together and it was in one of them that I got hit by the pictures of Glen Danzig band.

Blame it on his greasy hairstyle with an evil lock in the front and the horror make up, that was crazy in an era where dare rhymed with scare, or on the Misfits logo that had a sort of aura around it, but I wanted to be part of that cult.

Stiv Rottame from TVOR fanzine made me a tape comprehensive of their greatest records and I even made a bootleg patch, stitched on my denim jacket. Then I ordered a Misfits tee by Pushead from San Francisco, then that other guy had a few bootleg tees, then the friend that was good at doing DIY badges made me a Misfits Fiend Club one so I was set. I guess you can say I was an official Misfit Fan but once again, just like yesterday’s post about Stance Ghostface, I talk about me too much while we are here for the socks.

The horror punk cult band is here represented at its best with an all black pair of socks called simply Stance Misfits. With the infamous skull in the front and their logo on the back there is nothing more simple yet effective. Complete with two skeleton hands on the feet, this pair celebrates a true icon that brought some b-movie flavored fun in punk rock.

A Misfits die hard fan is into collection memorabilia and gadgets of all kinds of this band so feel free to start with these socks. Our Stance week is now over but the last five socks that I posted are still available on Blakshop. All of them!
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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