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Welcome to the second installment of the 3 days special on Stance, started yesterday with The Fresh Prince socks. What is under the spotlight today is a pair of socks dedicated to one of the most incredible duos to ever come out of Atlanta hip hop scene.

The year is 1994 and Big Boi and Andre 3000 drop an album called ATLiens under the name of Outkast whose sound is the new new. The Source Magazine puts it at the 72nd place of the best 100 rap albums of all time. The vocal tones and the flows of the two MCs sound great together and from their name the mission is clear: to create music that, even if it’s part of a movement, sounds absolutely unique.

I had the chance to hear a couple more brilliant albums and in 2001 at Velodromo Vigorelli in Milan there was a live show by our heroes and all of my friends were there. One of the most memorable shows ever. The music was great and so was the stage presence of Outkast. Their album Stankonia whose cover is on these socks dropped the year before. By such name Andre 3000 meant to imagine a place with the maximum freedom where you can open yourself up, with the word blending Stank (funky in ATL slang) and Plutonia, an imaginary place of a poster hanging on a wall of Andre room as a child.

After such introduction it’s evident why there is this pair of socks called Outkast Black in Stance Anthem collection. Before all your Migos and your 21 Savages, this duo paved the way with monumental albums to the Atlanta sound that is a staple in American hip hop. Graphically speaking Stankonia had a black American flag way before Asap Rocky had one on its album. Such flag is made in a jacquard craftsmanship on the foot part of the socks while Big Boy and 3000 are sublimated printed on the leg part.

Tomorrow we have the third part of this special on Stance so you have plenty of time to browse Blakshop section of these socks.
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