Stance ● Pray For Enemies

“I got enemies, got a lot of enemies/Got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy/They tryna take the wave from a ni**a/Fu**in’ with the kid and pray for your ni**a” was rapping Drake in the hook of that song Energy and this brings out an interesting topic: how to deal with enemies.


These characters (also know in a light form as “haters”) are basically people that not only say bad things about you, but try to interfere with your affirmative action in any possible way, under your eyes or hiding. In this last case, if they operate in the shadow, they are known in street slang as snakes.


Stance wants us to take a second to think about an alternative plan for our enemies: we don’t have to interfere with karma. It will find them and it will punish them in a hard way. That’s why all we have to do is to pray for them. What a better way to pray than with the help of the Virgin of Guadalupe?!


A popular icon in Mexican culture, this character is very well known by Californian people too, that’s why she became a subject for tattoos, t-shirts and other items that belong to streetwear world, just like these Pray For Enemies socks. Stance, as you can see in these pictures of Beatrice C, opted for a skull version of the Virgin in an essential black and white, adding a few roses on the back side.


When you are done praying for the negative influences in your life, showing mercy to them even if they don’t deserve it, feel free to browse Stance section on Blakshop. The range is wider than you may think and you surely will find more than one pair that spark your interest. Just don’t cop too many: they will be jealous and it’s easy to say that jealousy is turns quickly into… hate. I’m starting a three days special on Stance in case you can’t decide what’s hot and what’s not. See you here tomorrow!
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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