Stance ● Rugby Mark Gonzales

I think I told you not long ago how my heart is full of true love for the Gonz. How could I leave his Stance collaboration socks out of my 3 days special?!


Mark Gonzales inspired me so much in my skating when “Video Days” came out around 1991 that I tried to recreate his style (I know, mission impossible…), thinking during my session about his moves in that video. I love how in his life he can be part skater, part artist and part family man. But what I love the most is his anarchic approach where nothing really matters, especially apparel. Mark becomes an art piece himself when it’s time to dress up, being loud, mixing styles just like he wants and very far from the stereotype of the Supreme skater that he could be.


No surprise: if Diddy invented the remix, the Gonz invented street skating, with all the freedom related to such matter. That’s why basically mr. Mark Gonzales can do what he wants. Even put out a crazy pair of Stance socks called Rugby Mark Gonzales. Our man is an avid wearer of striped polos forever. I can imagine him approaching the design table thinking about his favorite rugbys and deciding to put out these socks just as you see them.


Giving them a common trait but at the same time loving the feeling of a pair of odd socks, voila the signature Mark Gonzales Stance. With the same features of the Days socks that I reviewed yesterday, I invite you to pass by Blakshop to peep this pair and all the other shred-ready skate socks.


On subject of peeping I also have a YouTube making-of clip about the three pairs of socks that I posted these days. Can you miss it?
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Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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