Stance ● Ryu vs Ken Navy

Videogames are a favorite pastime worldwide. No matter your age, your social status or your musical taste, there is nothing like going at your friend’s house if he has a big screen and your favorite game in his console. It’s a way to socialize, to be entertained and this is confirmed by a huge industry behind it that keeps on pushing the level of 3d graphics and realistic motion.

But before all this, Capcom created a 2d videogame in 1991 that conquered the world: Street Fighter II, the sequel to that Street Fighter that saw the light of day in 1987. His characters were the same in every edition and they all had different nationalities, just to push even more the concept of a worldwide videogame.

Stance recognized the cultural value of this videogame that bypassed the frontiers pre-world wide web and, considering how much en vogue are the 90s in the world of streetwear, developed a capsule of three styles that is the definition of “retro fresh”. Here worn by Beatrice C you can see the Ryu vs Ken Navy, the asymmetrical pair that represents Japan and USA with the above mentioned fighters.

In complete honesty I don’t spend time playing video games but I do love jacquard craftsmanship on my socks. This pair is irresistible but beside this it has a super power: it sparks conversations. Considering that Street Fighter II sold 6.3 million units, every time you go out you may bump into somebody that owns this videogame and that will find the idea of tuning Ryu and Ken into a pair of Stance socks simply fantastic.

Give a look to the Blakshop section dedicated to this Street Fighter II capsule and pick your favorite but don’t forget to come here tomorrow. I will post the third pair of Stance socks for my 3 days special and even if it belongs to the skate collection of this brand, in a sense it revolves around a… street fighter.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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