Stance ● Screaming Hand + Snapshot

Call it an idea or call it an opportunity, call it an accessory or call it a key point of your kit, these Stance socks are what separates a proper outfit from a killer one. I would lie if I would say to you that the first time I saw a friend of mine rocking a pair of these that you could barely see from under his rolled up kakhi pant I ignored them, or even worst, I hated on that: I truly loved it. What once wasn’t a considerable accessory has gained momentum and reached the same status of your t-shirt: socks were in need of designs and Stance came to the rescue. With a claim like “the uncommon thread” this relatively young player of the urban garment renaissance game is attacking us with three back to back f: fun, fashion and function. Combining simple and more artsy designs, long and short socks, plain and padded models, Stance was named with TransWorld Business Most Innovative Product Award for 2012. Artist series and photographic prints, tie dye and mexican patterns are just a a few of the ideas that sparked this collection of skate and snow socks that is part of the roster of brands of Blue Distribution urban selection. Here we have the almighty Screaming Hand, the skate classic designed by Jim Phillips together with the Snapshot socks from the Artist Series. Shorts and summertime are tight friends of what you see here but even a slightly short pant and a lowtop canvas sneaker can create a masterpiece. Put together your outfits with love: put on some Stance Socks. Photo courtesy of Rachele Daminelli.

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