Stance ● The End

You know that every now and then I love to do a 3 days special on Stance. I am totally in love with the way this brand conquered the market, giving everyone the pair of socks that he could only dream of. We are all different and this brand serves to all of us, not only different colorways, but also technical solutions, according to the section of the range that we are dealing with.

Let’s start with The End. I chose three pairs with strong music references, all very different from the other. You may think that we are not in front of a Stance style that pays homage to a music artist but you may be distracted, in such case. Wasn’t the latest Drake album titled Scorpion? Isn’t Drake one of the most sought after “singer that raps” on the globe? The outcome is that no, this is not a Drake pair of socks but yes, if you really love him you may think that these socks are a tribute to the Canadian artist that follows God’s Plan.

Nothing happens by accident at Stance and this is further proof. There is a strong wind of neon colors in streetwear, both in sneakers and apparel, so the design of this pair relies on the strength of the contrast among neon green and black. Very well played and most of all ready to peek above your sneakers.

The tech sheet of this pair says that it’s an athletic ribbed pair. Beside its terry loop in forefoot, heel and toe for medium cushioning, it has arch support, a reinforced heel and toe and a seamless toe closure.

Make your socks stand out with finesse because that’s all Stance asks. While I ask you to be ready for tomorrow where I will show you another smashing pair. In the meantime give a look to Stance section on Blakshop: the whole range is hotter than a hotline bling
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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