Stance ● The Fresh Prince

You know that every now and then I have to dedicate three back to back posts for a special focus on a brand, do you? It is a way to show love and to get deeper on the subject at the same time. Stance gives me the occasion to do so but this time not only we have three pair of socks from the Anthem serie from this brand but they are all related to hip hop world. As it’s easy to understand if you are a loyal reader and you know me a bit I couldn’t be happier about it.

Let’s start this special with a retro fresh pair: coming from the streets of Philly, just landed at LAX airport, ladies and gentleman, The Maxiemillion is honored to have on a post The Fresh Prince socks. The TV serie that marked my days of youth was so iconic (and so was its logo) that it is now represented on a pair of socks.

Me and Willy, the Prince of Bel Air share some common ground: we are both old school, we love flamboyant styles but most of all we are all about a good laugh with friends. With this said there is nothing cheesy about these socks.

Their technical sheet reads: terry loop in forefoot, heel and toe for cushioning. Arch support. Reinforced heel and toe. Seamless toe closure. So we may be all fun and jokes but this item represents a superior product on your feet, telling not only that you love hip hop since day one but that you care about what you wear.

Blue Distribution made a real good job with Stance socks, not only sponsoring skaters and celebrities but also supporting festivals and events with the brand. In order to get familiar with this brand you can sit back and relax while you take some time to browse Blakshop section of Stance. You may end up being the next fresh prince…
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