Stance ● Tiger Crew

Don’t mistake me for a tattoo expert: I have a few but I do not care much in all honesty. There is no need to be it, to know that this pair of Stance socks is inspired by Japanese tattoos. I made a quick research so I can let you know that the Tiger represents in such culture a fierce symbol that is feared. You will be fierce wearing this Tiger Crew style and the only fear that you may perceive is not to have another pair of socks featuring Feel 360 technology, once you wash this one.


This is a recent innovation that, treating the yarn with certain procedures, allows the creation of socks that you will wear with a completely new feeling. Featuring silver ions that reduce drastically odor causing bacteria, reactive fibers regulate temperature and accelerate wicking and, like this was not enough, such yarn is even more resilient to wear and tear.


The outcome is a pair of socks whose colors are vivid and well defined but there is also attention to your confort with anatomical cushioning. Even this style can count on the seamless toe closure that is another point of strength of Stance socks.


This goes beyond the way a pair of socks looks. Stance conquered the leadership in sport and lifestyle socks with actual innovation, another of main focuses of the brand. Give a look to all the styles I reviewed this week and it’s evident: you may ask many different things to your socks but rest assured: there is one that meets your requests.


Just like sneakers, you may wear Stance socks for performance or for style reasons and they are always ready to satisfy both needs. Show off your socks because there is a lot more than what other people see. This week is now over and so is the special on Stance. Make sure to browse Stance section on Blakshop at this point: you need to have a fierce look, regardless of your favorite tattoo style

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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