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Stance started to exploit its full potential recently. Before it was socks only, then it became socks and underwear, to become nowadays socks, underwear and t-shirts. All the regular readers of The Maxiemillion know I have a thing for Stance. I find myself wearing socks by this brand all the time, including those Summer days when I wear Stance invisibles. It’s a mix of factors: i love how the name sounds, the logo reminds me of my hardcore punk days and last but not least Stance socks are the coolest way to cover your feet with.

The experience of the brand that started to be seen in skate and surf shops during 2010, grew exponentially and at this point Stance felt like doing the next step. Reflecting the approach of the brand that show love to Punks & Poets and regular people that just look for quality and no frills, you can find plain t-shirts in its range rather than cutting edge designs like this Uncommon t-shirt.

First of all its tye dye washing is executed to perfection, only blending the two colors that represent boys and girls. this is why this men’s tee looks fresh even on a girl, as you can see.

But don’t think that this is all about graphics: the utmost care in socks craftsmanship translated into a t-shirt. Its Pima cotton blend is extremely pleasant to touch and the level of print is superior: you don’t feel anything when you pass your finger on it.

Beside the deconstructed contemporary style of graphics, there are a couple of embroidered details that stand out: the two lines on the ribs of the collar and the familiar argyle logo on the front, close to the hem.

The DNA of the brand is all here and I recommend you to keep Stance in check constantly. The best way to do it is to browse Blakshop on regular basis: its Stance section is steaming hot, updated regularly with new items.

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