Stance ● Wu Tang Patch black

May I start from the beginning? Two cousins named Robert Diggs and Gary Grice (aka the RZA and the GZA) went with seven of their friends to knock at the doors of record executives telling that they were the next big thing in hip hop in 1992. Being the music industry skeptical about these crazy individuals, they decide to record “Protect Ya Neck” on their own label the following year. It’s a smashing underground success that takes the hip hop world by storm.


This allows the posse composed by Brooklyn and Staten Island residents to gain power in the negotiation of their contracts and once they are set, later on that same year, they release “Enter the Wu Tang (36 chambers)” album. An absolute masterpiece that shows a very personal approach from every angle you look at it. Gritty beats, rugged non-commercial lyrics and that Wu-Tang innovative philosophy that, just like in martial arts, brought a new style that can’t be beat to the game. The rest is history and its still contemporary history if you think that the latest Wu Tang album dropped at the end of last year.


Stance payed hommage to a long list of music icons in its Anthem Collection and of course this milestone of hip hop couldn’t miss from there. But you can find several different flavors in this section as it’s easy to understand from my 3 days special: didn’t I showed you The Fresh Prince socks two days ago and Outkast socks yesterday?!


These Wu Tang Patch black socks are sharp like a Shaolin sword, as you can see from these pictures of (the legs of) Michela P. All black with yellow accents and the W logo designed by Dj Mathematics and the Stance logo embroidered in a bright shade of yellow. The icing on the cake is that 36 at the bottom.


Protect ya feet then: this pair of Stance socks with all the others of the current collection are waiting online at Blakshop.
Can it be all so simple?
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