Stance ● Represent

It seems yesterday when I was in New York and I bought this CD of the hip hop rookie called Nas. The year was 1994 and the album was Illmatic. A classic where each and every song has its heavy weight. One of these was “Represent”, a vivid tale that can give you the picture of what Nas is saying through rhymes like you were watching a movie. In that period people started to say “represent” as a way of saying “represent hip hop”.

Why am I talking about this? Looking at the title of this post, I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to give you a deep explanation of why Stance designers decided to call in this way these socks. It’s not the first time that we saw bandanna themed socks by this brand that belongs to Blue Distribution roster, but this one is the latest. Influenced by this trend that lets neon colors sneak in footwear field as details or laces of recently released sneakers, Represent is smart enough for you.

Not only this style keeps it gangster, but it looks great regardless, pairing an ancient design like the paisley to some modern colorway. Thanks to the detailed work of Blue these socks are available at the nearest skate/street shop close to you but if you can’t find any, may help you. With its extensive collection online your next pair of Stance may be just a click away but if I was you I would wait until tomorrow.

Don’t you remember that I promised you three posts about Stance and this is only the second

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