Stance x Sfera Ebbasta ● Energy Drops Sfera Ebbasta Purple

It’s the second installment of the Stance x Sfera Ebbasta saga that just started yesterday here on The Maxiemillion. I take my responsibility to actually say something about such an important event in contemporary street fashion. I don’t like the definitions too much but to use the word streetwear with Sfera would simply be anachronistic.

The young trapper from Cinisello Balsamo, Milan is knee deep into the next level to be called with anything older than his short and stellar career. Expensive outfits in a perfect combination of high fashion with a twist of hood, following trap dress code to any little detail make this artist a role model for teens. His expensive jewelry gives his level of wealth while his dyed hair tells how he couldn’t care less of what people think of him.

I went to a couple of his live shows and I witnessed firsthand how powerful is his character: fans sing his songs word by word and the Sfera live show in this way becomes a sort of religious function. Young fans meet with their fellow “cult worshippers” to let their rebellious energy come out, song after song and singing together is like giving each other a helping hand in front of these tough times.

No wonder that Stance, the leader in action sports and lifestyle socks, felt the actual value of this artist giving him three styles of socks as a payback for what he is doing inspiring the next generation.

For these Energy Drops Sfera Ebbasta Purple there is a strong purple background where Sfera Ebbasta becomes a white allover pattern. Why this color, you ask? Aren’t you familiar with the party drink of trap movement? Part codeine syrup, part Sprite, the beverage of choice of Sfera that makes his head spin in that Tesla tune, is purple just as his socks. Another pair of Stance x Sfera Ebbasta socks will be online tomorrow, but you can go cop them now: they are all already available on Blakshop
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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