Stance x Sfera Ebbasta ● Energy Drops Sfera Money Black

Welcome to Stance collaboration capsule with Sfera Ebbasta, act third. We started with Rockstar style two days ago then we passed to the Sfera Ebbasta style that is a hidden tribute to lean (or is it purple haze inspired?) and today we are here to celebrate another of Sfera main passions: money.

Call it cheddar, cheese, dinero, scrilla, bread but modern society, after passing you the basic instructions at school to survive, breaks romance and philosophical dreams with one harsh reality: you need a lot of money to live a good life.

But what is “a lot of money” to me and you is not the amount that Sfera has in mind: in order to live a life of private jets, designer fashion, champagne and first quality weed in a loop, a regular salary is not enough. Just as he said in his song the goal here is to be “Ricco per sempre” (forever rich).

With the two currency logos that are actually the initials of his name, Energy Drops Sfera Money Black is the most glamorous of the three styles. Beside the choice of the pattern with a black background that makes it the sleeker of the three, this also has a shiny thread to outline the letters, giving the level of Stance attention to detail. I can figure out that all three styles will sell like crazy: if you are a young fan of our man, wouldn’t you spend a little of your savings to represent Trap King properly?!

Our three days special on Sfera is now over but the focus of The Maxiemillion on Stance lasts for the whole week, as I have two more styles to show you. I won’t tell you more but both next styles are music related as well. To get familiar with this brand from Blue Distribution roster all you have to do is browse Stance section on Blakshop and most likely you won’t settle for anything less from now on…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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