Stance x Sfera Ebbasta ● Energy Drops Sfera Rockstar Green

It was supposed to happen. Blue Distribution is a keen observer of what happens at street level and this is what kept this company together since 1997. You may be an OG, a so called “defender of the faith”, holding the torch for the roots of whatever culture you stand for, skateboarding, urban music or street art but let one thing be clear: things change. The ability of this distributor is to actively interact with the above mentioned cultures with effective interventions in order to leave a mark and this time the move is major.

If in the past you may remember Blue Game of Skate made in its own warehouse in Verona rather than pro headphones for the main electro DJ/producers a few years ago. But now things are taking a quick turn towards trap music. Love it or hate it, this movement is strong and its soldiers know all the new tunes by heart and rock designer gear mixed with streetwear, in an all new code of communication that often grown ups are quick to turn down. This is a big mistake.

They said the same about punk back in the day and now both Sex Pistols and The Clash names belong to Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Trap speaks a different language, is prerogative of a young demographic that was born with a smartphone in his hands rather than xeroxed fanzines. In this scenario Sfera Ebbasta captured the heart of 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Hate all you want: he gets mad love from his fans and this is more than enough in his fabolous world. His crazy lifestyle made of wicked innovative flows, endless nights that turn into mornings seven days per week and flamboyant fly apparel lead him to have three Stance socks to his name.

This is Energy Drops Sfera Rockstar Green style and we will see them all in three back to back posts starting today. Check them all on Blakshop and come back tomorrow (with all your ice of course)…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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