Staple ● All Over Pigeon hoodie

Once again Staple, the pigeon you love the most, is flying over The Maxiemillion. The brand from New York that is making the buzz these days with Staple x Puma x Footlocker limited edition sneakers is always ready to give you original streetwear, with the strong inspiration that this city only is able to provide.

It is in the hectic pace of this metropolis that Jeff Staple moved his first steps as a designer and the pigeon represented the perfect metaphor to describe how he felt back when he officially created his brand. Staple represents the celebration of urban life, with pigeons as inhabitants that you find there, just like in every other city.

The streetwear elite that stresses principles of knowledge instead of wealth found in Staple a reliable way to stand out or to blend in with originality, in a way that hardly looks deja vu. Feel free to give a look to my previous posts about Staple to better figure out my words.

The item under our eyes today is Staple All Over Pigeon hoodie, courtesy of Nitro Distribution. While the allover pattern is nothing new, there are several ways to develop it and this one is just as clean as I like it. Its pigeon, as big as a polo jockey or a crocodile of more popular brands, becomes a pattern that looks great an all white hoodie (but it’s also available in grey or lavender). Give a look to the structure of the hood, composed by three panels: it is in this way that its shape better adapts to your head.

Rest your hands in the kangaroo pocket on the front if you feel like but most of all, wear this item with whatever you want and you will hardly make a wrong matching. There is more: its subtle impact will allow you to wear this hoodie in most occasions, without being out of place.

Nitro Distribution is making a good job with the penetration of the brand in Italy but in case you can’t find a Staple dealer where you live, do not worry: the new Staple Pigeon Europe website has a high standard of service. High as a pigeon flying in the sky of New York.

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