Staple ● Basic Twill Stretch shorts

Staple may be the brand that made a name for itself with the Nike SB Dunk collab to you but there is much more, that is only the tip of the iceberg. I presented you all the different activities that CEO and Founder Jeff Staple is involved with in my post about the Pieced Photo tee one month ago. Now it’s time to get familiar with the collection.

Staple (also known as Staple Pigeon) is the urban brand that belongs to the city of New York, just like pigeons. While others can be up one minute and down the next one, this brand carved a niche in the huge proposal that comes from this city and just like pigeons… there is no way you can get rid of it.

With a claim as “World Renown”, the brand that represents a streetwear cult all over the planet, has a progressive imprint that represents the foundation of its philosophy. Cut and sew and next level apparel made this brand what it is today and dealing with these Basic Twill Stretch shorts it becomes quite evident.

Wear it and you will feel smoothly wrapped in a thin twill that lets you move all you want. It is actually a cotton blend with 3% elastane. No matter if you wear this to have a drink with your buddy or if you skate LES skatepark all day, you will enjoy the sensation of freedom that this garment can give you.

Details matters at Staple: that’s how the brand became what it is today. So a pink short here has pink lining and its press button is pink as well. With the right length over the knee but not too much, you can tell that this will become your favorite short this Summer.

To verify yourself what this brand is capable of check closely Staple website and if you are in Italy tell your shop to contact Nitro Distribution: it’s time for you to have a world renown style.

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