Staple ● Block Hoodie + Pigeon Dad Cap

I don’t know if it’s me but I think that never before the attention was so much on the United States of America, because of Trump. His strict nationalist views put a bad shade on the Stars and Stripes flag but we Italians are in love with it for a long time. Probably since the days of Elvis but I am not that old, for me it all started with the movie Grease. Looking tough, loving music and cute girls is the lesson that the movie taught me when I was 10 years old.

That side of the American way of life exposed to my eyes as a kid made me imagine a far away world much cooler than my reality so I stuck with it ever since.

Even streetwear designers relied for ages on the color palette of the American flag that end up on an endless number of jerseys, windbreakers, tracksuits…

Staple is no exception. How could it be any different if you consider that this brand is synonymous with New York freshest flavor?

This Block Hoodie that we are looking at today together with the Pigeon Dad Cap show once again what is the actual potential of the brand founded by Jeff Staple in 1997. The visionary designer can innovate apparel as we know it in the name of progression and this hoodie represents to the fullest how blurry is the line that divides streetwear from sportswear.

The sporty style of this hoodie here worn by Evelyn V is evident but at the same time it’s under our eyes how original is the inspiration behind this cut and sew piece that is nothing like any color block you saw before. Nothing better than give it strength with a dad cap that matches the same shade of blue.

If you want to give a twist for better to your style and this outfit impressed you, get in touch with Nitro Distribution to know where the nearest shop that deals in Staple is, regardless of which flag represents you…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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