Staple ● Camo Retro Pockets jacket

When it comes to New York there is a brand that is never missing juice and that is Staple. I can’t actually really tell if I like tees or jackets or hoodies the most because I am feeling this brand, keeping it under my radar since 2015, when I first posted it, and I loved every bits of each item.

It’s a quite unique brand whose style is like a soft spoken menace: don’t worry about me, because I know how it’s supposed to be done. so you don’t see it around all the time but when you do rarely it is something deja vu.

It’s a matter of overall vibe together with the strong will to drop the next level before others do, but Staple items always impress me. We were talking about a royal blue tiger camo by this brand and here we are again with Camo Retro Pockets Jacket.

With an inspiration coming from retro military uniforms, the brand from the Big Apple this time instead of innovation opted for the research back into time. You can notice it from the pointed collar rather than from the tortoise style buttons: this item is not headed to the future but rather comes from the back.

The type of camouflage of this item worn by Sharon Z belongs to chocolate chip family but what makes this pattern stand out is the touch of orange that makes it unique. Representing properly this urban style war that we live on daily basis, this revolutionary item has a lot of potential to become your favorite camouflage jacket.

With a twill whose thickness is close to that of a denim, you may want to wear this Camo Retro Pockets jacket in this period when it’s breezy at night before fall comes. Blending in an outfit your best pair of joggers rather then a light chino would be the better option.

Make sure your favorite shop connects with Nitro Distribution to start to deal with Staple. When the New York flavor is true (and also affordable), there are not many other things that you can ask to a brand.

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