Staple ● City Long Sleeve Tee

As soon as I saw this Staple tee I wanted it. It brings me back to the origins, giving me a flashback of 30 plus years ago. I was a skatepunk at the time but I was fascinated by streetwear culture as a way to create bridges worldwide. There was this tee designed by the originator of this streetwear thing that regrouped the names of a few important metropolis on the front with a few other sketchy neighborhoods on the back that weren’t as glamorous as the big cities. Outcome: you could wear that item literally everywhere.

I am sure that this is the inspiration behind City Long Sleeve Tee. Nothing is wrong with being inspired, it all goes down to your own personal interpretation and here without a doubt I am fully supportive of the final result.

There are a couple more inspirations hidden: how about that brand that has “a man riding a horse” embroidery on the chest? Here we have a little embroidery in the same spot but this is only a pigeon and not a man on an animal. So it may be inspired by that brand that puts “a little crocodile patch” on the front of its creations.

This item has a colorway inspired by the New York Knicks, a classic basketball team of the Big Apple but it is also available in black.

Not only it has a front print, but even the back shows the “world reknown” claim that this brand is known for. Isn’t it the secret (under everyone’s eyes) of Staple? Every detail of any item by this brand is unique and has its own reason to be there, putting you under the spotlight.

Don’t even think to cop this item without having a vest: it is the best way to exploit to the maximum the potential of these sleeves. Crisp proposals are never lacking when you deal with Staple. I suggest you to keep in check this brand by Nitro Distribution that has the potential to make you look on point, regardless of where you are in the world.

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