Staple ● City Pigeon track jacket

“If you from New York stand up right now!/If you from New York hands up right now!” was screaming Swizz Beatz opening that Busta Rhymes anthem that goes by the name of New York Sh*t. This is just one of the many hip hop joints about the City That Never Sleeps. From Rakim to CNN via Nas and of course Jay-Z (and who knows how many others) MCs kept on rapping about Gotham.

In this city pigeons are everywhere, just like in most big cities of the world and this is the reason why the founder and CEO Jeff Staple chose the pigeon as the symbol of his New York, the city that he puts in every item of his beloved Staple Pigeon.

As I told you a couple of weeks ago, when I reviewed that Pieced Photo tee, this brand has solid foundations built on progressive style and next level trends. Jeff is a worldwide trendsetter that never blew up as far as units sold, but his knowledge, taste and dedication are respected by those in the know.

Considering how current in the streets is that sportswear item called track jacket, it couldn’t be any different: Staple developed a cut and saw version of it that will have hypebeasts go crazy. City Pigeon track jacket takes this item that was popular in the 80s as a tennis field essential and turns it into the freshest thing that you can wear in the city.

Check these pictures of Camilla M and tell me if that photographic print of pigeons is something that you ever expected to see on this type of garment. This is very much in the same mood of that Staple tee that I mentioned above.

Now thanks to Nitro Distribution you can have a taste of the New York elite in streetwear. Tell your shop you are tired to look like everybody else and you need these pigeons in your life…
Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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