Staple ● Crosscourt Crewneck

Staple is the genuine New York flavor in full display. This city together with very few others sets the standards that the whole planet observes and “borrows” in order to have an up to date image for what concerns street fashion. Jeff Staple creative outlet never stops to surprise with an obsessive research on every detail of each item.

So while other brands are still searching for some tasteless shock value image to screen print on their fleeces, in this case a crewneck becomes a starting point for something that is closer to a street art piece rather than a garment. Here on Crosscourt Crewneck every square inch of fabric becomes crucial to contribute to an astonishing final result.

Watching closely these shots of Kim M two aspects become evident. The first is that this crewneck is technically an allover print. The second is that thanks to its color palette its visual impact is not overcharged. It is with this level of finesse that this brand can say that it is “world renown”. You can find portions of these two words that are actually an official claim of this New York brand on more than a part of this item.

I am crazy about the craftsmanship of the main branding on the front. Closer to a logo of a team on the front of a baseball cap, here the branding reminds a thick corduroy pattern while it is actually a state of the art embroidery.

Complete with a woven label on the shoulder, this crewneck is a way to tell people that you are fascinated by streetwear progression and everything that is newer than the rest.

Keep Staple in check because there are a lot of items delivered to shops in these days by the Italian dealer Nitro Distribution, including the juicy Coca Cola capsule collection developed in collaboration with the iconic soda drink. Ready to satisfy your thirst for next level streetwear?
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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