Staple ● Embroidered Logo Crewneck

It is no secret that I keep the Staple range in check for a while now. One of my duties beside this blogging thing is in fact to manage the product placement on music artists for what concerns Italian territory. I have been picked by Nitro Distribution for this delicate task quite a few seasons ago and I don’t show sign to stop this positive social contagion.

Since my passion for street fashion is something that you should be accustomed by now, listen what I have to tell you about this brand from New York City: it has no limits, just like the sky suggested to The Notorious Big. It can be all you want it to be. If you have a penchant for slick looking t-shirts that show nothing but a little animal on the front, leave that crocodile alone: you can now rely on the strength of the Staple Pigeon like with Mini Logo Pocket Tee.

But you may also be the flamboyant type that enjoys an “in your face” approach and Staple has the right outfit even for you. Do you prefer the vivid tones of Greybreak Graphic Crewneck or you prefer to opt for the distressed impact of Spray denim jacket?

Nothing like a brand that can keep up with trends being… just different and this is exactly the case: from neon colors to pastel tones nothing is missing from Staple collection. I want to take one minute of your time now to show you how a basic item can be… all but basic.

Check how this Embroidered Logo Cewneck can let you be all you want with its essential design. Nothing but a black discreet terry cloth crewneck that you can mix and match as you feel. Do you want to take out your closet those daring all over print jogger pants? What can ever be a better complement?!

Giving you the vest of both worlds, this item has no hoodie messing with your jacket but at the same time it has a kangaroo pocket that solves the problem: where do I put my hands? I tell you where you should put them: on the keyboard of your laptop, in order to cop the new Staple Spring collection now before it’s gone!

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