Staple ● Frame t-shirt

I had a flashback now as I an starting to write about this item: I saw in my mind all the Staple items that I ever posted. The common denominator is called creativity: designers of this brand, coordinated by Jeff Staple, create collections that never look cliché. With a level of quality that could be among high fashion brands, Staple stays where it belongs: in the streets.

With a very interesting quality price rate, Staple is a world renown brand that sneakerheads love because of its rare collaboration sneakers, while those accustomed to original streetwear recognize it plays the game by the rules. Unique and impressive concepts come to life in a process where the tee is closer to a canvas and the designer becomes a painter, generating emotions that leave a mark instead of uninspired, trendy designs that get easily forgotten.

For this Frame t-shirt the pigeon, mascotte of the brand representing the presence of Staple fans in every city of the world just like pigeons, lent his left wing. Put in the middle of a baroque golden frame, it creates a juxtaposition with an automatic appeal. Paired with a large orange dot that may be part sun, part Japanese flag (it should be red and not orange, I know…) and a number 97 celebrating the year of birth of the brand, this style looks as progressive as we like.

Recreating new rules whenever possible Staple here put its branding on the low part, close to the hem, and not on top where it would have been more visible but here the goal is to be original, as I wrote above, not predictable.

To make this work of art complete the claim made famous by the movie Scarface gets repeated radially in the left low corner of the t-shirt. All the claims are black but the vertical yellow one. Now think that this item with its superior design costs like an average logo tee of another brand. This is unexplainable but instead of asking explanations, act like you know and ask to Nitro Distribution where is the closest Staple authorized dealer. The world is yours and this tee is next…

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