Staple ● Geo Print Hoodie

I don’t know how familiar you are with street slang but this Staple hoodie is killer. This means that it’s absolutely great of course, not that here anybody talks about guns or actual murders. Why I say so? Where do killer bees live? In a hive made of wax whose cells are hexagonal.


I am stating my point of view because of several details that made me think this way. While all the hoods look for a way to be different from others with shoelaces as cords or cords with metal tips or multicolor hiking style round cords, this item has not any element of this kind. It’s a doubled hood and this is it.


Now if you look at this item worn by Alice M closely you may notice that it’s not your average hoodie. With its raglan cut of the sleeves this allover print fleece has a quite unusual design for an item of this kind. Another confirmation, considering how I told you in my previous posts about this brand how visionary is its designer Jeff Staple. Isn’t the heather grey hoodie the most common streetwear item?! Look how he recreated it completely!


Where else did you see a hoodie with a print composed of a geometric design made of different hexagons each with a different Staple logo? That’s where killer bees go to sleep after a hard work day: in these cells of the Geo Print Hoodie!


This progressive item is just an example of what you can find in the collections of this brand. Take some time to browse extensively Staple website and you will get stoked witnessing firsthand how the future of streetwear will be.


Feel free to get all the necessary infos from Nitro Distribution, the new Italian distributor that can’t wait to raise the general level of streetwear style in this corner of Europe.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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