Staple ● Grand Prix Cap

Are you familiar with Staple? I showed you quite a few of its items along the way, considering that I am totally backing up the progressive vision of founder Jeff Staple (and I even interviewed him for Salad Days Magazine). This snapback sort of gives us a relief from Dad Cap frenzy, relying on the classic shape that sometimes may be neglected by trends, but will always have its spot in streetwear.

The obsession for detail is once again the key to decipher this bright, bold and bad headwear piece called Grand Prix Cap. Sporting the same stripes of the Grand Prix capsule that this cap is part of, we have four different twill stripes stitched on the front of the crown. Like this wasn’t enough there is a neat 3d embroidery that includes a little pigeon inside the P in the middle of Staple.

The world is full of caps so basically you need something that stands out if you want to be remembered. The meticulous approach of Staple to streetwear design, together with the more than reasonable quality / price rate, makes this a brand to keep in check. No detail is left untouched and even the plastic closure on the back has a little woven label like in every snapback that deserves attention.

As far as wearing this cap properly, I just would avoid the “Grand Prix total look” and I would wear this very simply with a pair of sneakers matching at least one color of those on the crown. The easy way would be red, but sneakerheads surely have some hard-to-get style that includes accents with that same tone of kelly green.

Was this enough to spark your attention on Staple? Recent news from this brand put the spotlight on a smashing capsule that, after Coca Cola last year, this time focuses on Sprite and, you guessed it, it couldn’t be more on point. Stay connected with your favorite streetwear shops: those that ordered through Nitro Distribution shall receive the new delivery really soon…

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