Staple ● Logo Nylon Popover Jacket

Staple, what did you do to me? Not an item by this brand leaves me skeptical or looks like it has been designed “just because”: everything that makes it to the collection has a specific target among any human sterotype of urban population.

You may love the attention when you walk down the street and for this reason impactful items destined to those with a flamboyant image are never lacking. Remember that Reversible Bomber Jacket whose orange camouflage side was a magnet for attention?

Then you may have people like myself that love to stand out with some subtle details, without showing off too much.

This Logo Nylon Popover Jacket seems like it has been custom made for me. With its navy blue colorway that features a red camo hoodie it could not be more appealing to me. A quite patriotic color palette that makes sense if you consider that Staple, originally founded by design student Jeff Staple, calls New York city home.

Slide through city buildings with this mid season item ready to get you protected by windy weather with a slight marine appeal. The hoodie steals the show with its contrast tone of bright red. Its custom duck camo pattern has been designed to hide the icon of the brand in it. Peep closely and you will see the notorious Staple pigeon silhouette. Its key features are the little kangaroo pocket on the front, ready to keep handy your keys or your phone, and the side zipper that allows you to wear this item easily.

Zip it up and wear your hoodie when it rains or open it to let the good weather stimulate your body to give your best version of you. This is one of the several solutions to stay updated with current trends through Staple new website for the Old Continent.

The American brand that belongs to Nitro Distribution proposal can now count on a solid infrastructure for what concerns its online sales in this corner of the planet. This means that you should believe my words and browse Staple Pigeon Europe website to pick this item without further ado, especially now that it has a bargain price that you can’t beat…

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