Staple ● Logo Poly Track Jacket

I don’t know about you but during these last four seasons, the number of track jackets in my closet multiplied. I have never been a fan of tracksuits in general, during my young age, but now I value the track jacket as a solid alternative to the denim jacket.

Let’s say I have a thing for this category and Staple in such period dropped several track jackets, one better than the other. Following the theory that “the more, the merrier”, not happy with those Staple jackets I posted already I thought it was about time for another one.

The brand that calls New York City home, this time went for a clean approach to design: no color blocks, no patterns and no sublimated prints. Just a navy blue polyester fabric with a contrasting white piping that enhances the lines of this item. Logo Poly Track Jacket is ready to become the ultimate complement to your personal selection, letting you make good use of its potential.

An item like this can be worn as a pullover, as a lightweight jacket and you may even throw a crewneck beneath it, in case it is cold. But what sets this item apart compared to another of the same category is its aura. When you rock Staple not only you are wearing one of the most progressive brands of the East Coast, but you show love to Jeff Staple, its charismatic founder.

Cool and calm like most Asiatic characters are, Jeff has a methodic approach to design that does not include words like “uninspired” or “average”. There is always a lot of brilliant ideas in a single item. This for example could be your “clean track jacket” but it is not enough in the designer perspective and there is a quite unusual feature on it: a zipper on the sleeve, to increase breathability.

Browsing Staple website is a never ending discovery of crucial details and unexpected features. This is why Nitro Distribution proudly distributes this brand for the Italian territory: because it is giving us the next level now, without waiting.

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