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If there is a brand that doesn’t miss a hit that is Staple. It created a sharp metaphor to describe his clientele: it is a niche present in every city of world, just like pigeons. Not by accident one of the claims of the brand is “world renown”. Staple Pigeon knows what inhabitants of these cities like: to be fly. That’s why this brand from New York always finds a way to give to its fan base the level of freshness that they look for.

With the current comeback of the purple trend that first surfaced around 2007/2008 how could the brand founded by Jeff Staple be left out of this?! Purple like we were facing a rain shower by Prince himself here comes Logo Rib Pigeon Crew.

We have seen the formula of this item before: a big pigeon on the front to pledge your allegiance to a life with a crisp flavor and a branding that may change according to the inspiration of the designer. It is here that you can see how sharp is Staple vision when it comes to progressive items.

Branding on neck is a way to show attention to evolution of street style. Just by accident I saw an item from Heron Preston the other day that had the word “style” in cyrillic embroidered on the same point. Here the branding is screen printed all around. Completely embroidered, on the contrary, is the pigeon on the front whose level of detail fits the street excellence that Staple got you used to, item after item.

Leaving out the overpriced aspect that seems to be the norm for some streetwear items, Logo Rib Pigeon Crew is ready to make you shine in the crowd. Think how many brilliant matches you can create with such a vivid color, considering that plenty of sneakers have purple accents these days.

A few selected shops on Nitro Distribution roster carry this brand in Italy and my suggestion is to go and visit them: brick and mortar units need your support, now more than ever. If you have no way to do so, do not worry: Staple website is opened 24/7

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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