Staple ● NY icons t-shirt

It is one of my favorite moments here at The Maxiemillion when I receive a box by Staple. I never know what to expect from this brand from New York that loves to play with urban trends giving it its own twist. Always original, never deja vu, the brand saw the light of day in 1997, when Jeff Staple entered a shop wearing a shirt he printed in his silkscreen class at Parsons School of Design. The shop owner placed an order on the spot and Jeff went home with a new concept in his pocket: now I have a brand and I would better make the most out of it.

Dealing with a scenario like New York city on daily basis is inspirational to say the least and the pigeons that are everywhere inspired the conceptual vision: we are a breed that you can’t get rid of and you find us in every city in the world. But the New York state of mind is what makes this brand stand out and this NY icons t-shirt says it loud and clear.

Brooklyn Bridge and that monument in Staten Island called Statue of Liberty are making the whole world dream of the metropolis where Spiderman hangs from a skyscraper while Superman flies faster than the speed of light. It is with a color palette almost borrowed from a comic book that this t-shirt lets you feel its progressive taste where conventional graphics represent a thing of the past.

Vivid colors and innovative design of this tee put you under the spotlight and in order to do so correctly I suggest you to avoid overcharging your outfit. You can always go for the rockstar look where you wear this tee with a pair of distressed denim pants but how about a pair of army green shorts?! Contrast is key and pairing this style with the right pants would give the proper exposure this Staple t-shirt.

Now available in a few selected stores in Italy, thanks to the good job of Nitro Distribution to keep this item limited (for real), you can have a New Yorker style like the streetwear fans in every city of the world where Staple is sold. Isn’t this great?!

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