Staple ● Oversize Logo tee

New installment of the Staple saga means more NYC flavor for you. Beside the coverage about Jeff Staple brand that was never missing on this blog, I am giving away lessons for free on this subject on printed paper. Did you cop the latest Salad Days magazine yet? There is the interview signed by yours truly where I tried to get more Gotham City streetwear knowledge from this living milestone of the culture.

Yes, I used the world culture with a purpose: to define the field of action where the streetwear designer operates. You may have not noticed it but all I do in this urban blog is to make my best to report to you, my beloved reader, what the culture brings to the streetwear market.

What separates such field of action from regular fashion is the people behind it, the stories they have to tell, their environment and their drive to make an impact in a world where you can give messages with the way you rock your cap or with what your t-shirt says. This Oversize Logo tee says that you love sharp progression of what you wear and when your garments are combined in an outfit you keep in check every single detail.

Look closely this tee worn by Francesca T and you will see how the print is slightly raised from the t-shirt like it was flocked but it’s actually a laser etched thermo glued print. The corners of the S and E end up beneath the sewing of the sleeves making this a conceptual item far from a tee with a logo in the middle. It’s the obsession for detail that made Staple what it is today and if you speak the finesse language, it ain’t hard to notice.

At this point you have a bunch of stuff to do: pick up the latest Salad Days at your favorite shop, make it connect with Nitro Distribution to carry this brand and browse extensively Staple website (if you want a preview now of what other brands will do in the future..)
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