Staple ● Pieced Photo tee

Staple Pigeon is a steaming hot pot full of news. The almighty Jeff Staple founded the brand in 1997 by accident, after a French Boutique he walked in wanted absolutely 12 shirts like the one he was wearing, a custom piece he created during his studies in New York.


After that he started working on some screen printed tees and the brand blew up on the underground scene when he had a proposal by Nike SB to create the first Staple Dunk, a collector piece that now retails around 5000 dollars. Such operation has been repeated last November with a black/infrared colorway of the same Dunk.


Not bad for someone that wasn’t even intentioned to start a brand, isn’t it? Mr Staple continues his hustle as a true New Yorker and he develops Staple Design Studio, a creative consulting firm whose clients are important with a capital I. The roster includes Nike, Microsoft, Uniqlo, Lotus and LVMH among others. Can’t knock the hustle said that other New Yorker and next thing you know in 2003 Jeff Staple founded Reed Space, the ultimate lifestyle boutique also serving as art gallery. Beside all this our man also finds time to do seminaries and speeches in universities or conventions such as Complexcon just to name one.


Now that you figured out the magnitude of this character, let’s bring things into this corner of Europe that we call Italy. After a while in distribution limbo, Staple has found a new home at Nitro Distribution that kindly supports The Maxiemillion for years now.


This is Pieced Photo Tee, an item that represents the pigeon familiar to New Yorkers but also to people in every city of the world where commuting is a lifestyle. The strategic placement of skyscrapers with pigeons in the middle is far from the random concept of “full print” making this item worn by Alexandra D a truly outstanding piece. I will show you more Staple in the future, keep checking back
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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