Staple ● Pigeon Embroidered Long Sleeve tee

It ain’t hard to tell: I am a sucker for camouflage. Plus I love the forward thinking designs of Staple. Outcome: if there is a camo item by this brand my heart beats faster and this is exactly the case.

This item courtesy of Nitro Distribution makes me able to give you a preview of an item that will be released officially next week on Staple website.

Checking the pictures of Lisa L it’s easy to see that this long sleeve tee has a pigeon embroidery (not to be confused with a crocodile) on the front and a small screenprinted branding on the back. New York finest streetwear brand envisioned for this Pigeon Embroidered Long Sleeve tee a royal blue version of a Tiger Stripe camouflage, the pattern that originated during the 60’s in South East Asia but it’s fresher than ever in this version.

It’s a matter of de-contextualizing when it comes to this camo pattern. Creating a variation on the theme originally used to go to war in this vivid colorway makes up a totally new item. Beside looking good at any game where the teams rock this color on their uniform, this tee makes you want to put together next level outfits. This unless you think that to put together a next level outfit is an operation whose cost is among 3 and 6 K euros.

The only problem with Staple to be honest is this: it worths every cent of your hard earned money and doesn’t sells you the dream of urban luxe with over inflated prices. Here you don’t pay for the dream that is sold together with the item: it is courtesy of the house.

Not wanting to dress an elite of wealthy customers, Staple stays true to the streets (this is labeled streetwear, just in case you were distracted…). The brand by Jeff Staple that moved its first steps in 1997 has a promising upcoming season and if you consider that a collaboration Staple x Timberland is cooking, things are looking bright. Don’t worry, I will keep you updated, you are in good hands…

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