Staple ● Pigeon Facemask

It seemed yesterday when we started to deal with Covid 19 pandemic but more than a year has passed and we aren’t done yet. It is not my intention to give you an insight about the virus but rather on the easiest way to stop its diffusion: the facemask. If at the very beginning it was not so easy to find one that fits your own style, nowadays face masks are extremely diffused in any form and price. For everyday use it’s quite evident that you need a washable, reusable one, suitable for situations of light contacts, and here Staple comes into the picture.

Who but this brand can give you a helping hand? Do not forget that one of its claims is “Positive Social Contagion“? Jokes aside, Staple is not proposing medical equipment that can guarantee that you wouldn’t get sick but a sort of “daily first aid”, creating a barrier among you and the people you meet. This polyester face mask has the typical 2 strap design, adjustable and contoured for a comfortable fit.

It is really suitable in order to look good with your mask, to protect you but at the same time to have a light spirit approach to what is our reality these days. Isn’t a pigeon the last thing you expect to see on a facemask?

Slightly stretch with its solid straps, this Pigeon Facemask sent in by Nitro Distribution has been tested more than once by yours truly going out and the result is more than satisfying. With its solid print, the pigeon that is a New York City methaphor is there to tell the world about your interests: contemporary street fashion, music and art, with a sprinkle of action sports.

Don’t ever step out of the house without wearing it, it is your everyday companion these days. For this reason you can wash it over and over and its solid structure will stay the same. Cop it online from Staple website. While we are at it, did you check Staple European website already? As reliable as the American one, just faster and more convenient if you are in the Old Continent…

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