Staple ● Pigeon Flight jacket

No matter if your favorite celebrity is Barrack Obama or Kanye West, I suggest you to consider a bomber for your best moments, this Winter. It’s a kind of jacket that has been around forever and even here at The Maxiemillion I showed you a fair share of bomber jackets.

It couldn’t be any different if you think how relevant is this jacket, worn on the streets before streetwear even existed. Born as a jacket for flight pilots, the success of this garment comes from its functionality and the way you can wear it easily also pushed its success. Think about the first wave of skinheads in the 60s, a cultural movement very close to punk that kept the torch for bomber jackets as the ultimate street garment. What a long ride, you may say: started in the 60’s and now we are here, in front of a dapper Staple bomber.

First thing that comes to mind is that just like pigeons feel alright in every city where they live, this Pigeon Flight jacket may be worn with satisfaction regardless of where you are. The main difference from an OG flight bomber here, beside its ultra fly double collar is the absence of creases.

Think of an ironed treatment on the pocket on the arm and on the creases where the main stitchings of the sleeves are.

Give a look to the hand pockets and you will see no flaps but two ton sur ton black zippers, complete with a woven label on the right. All this attention to detail shouldn’t surprise you if you are familiar with the brainchild of New York streetwear guru Jeff Staple. Nothing is left to chance and every detail that go unnoticed to other brands becomes crucial here. Like an inside pocket for example.

Part of the same items that feature Staple custom tiger camo royal blue pattern (I showed you Pigeon Embroidered Long Sleeve tee, remember?), here such pattern becomes a brilliant lining that increases its appeal.

Don’t procrastinate and tell your store to get in touch with Italian distributor Nitro: the 60’s are over for more than half a century now…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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