Staple ● Pigeon Tee

What ever came to the mind of Jeff Staple to make him design a pigeon to represent his brand? He was a kid of Asian origins living in New Jersey, wanting to leave his mark on New York (and on the world later). When it came to establish an identity for his brand nothing could fit more than a pigeon. Pigeons are in every city of the world, regardless of the climate. You don’t get rid of them just like you don’t get rid of people fresher than you.

His vision about Staple is quite self explanatory: just like pigeons are at ease in the heart of every city of the world, you wearing my brand will be equally cool with urban territory. Quite effective if you think about it. No alligator or horse can represent genuinely the city but a pigeon does.

That’s how the pigeon that ended up in 2005 on a limited edition Nike SB Dunk low came along for the first time, contributing to give this underground movement from NY worldwide fame. That’s why this animal is represented on this simple and plain Pigeon tee.

Ready to be part of the wardrobe of any guy that either worships the cult of Staple, rather than having a brilliant sense of humor, there are plenty of reasons that make this tee a must cop. Its level of production is flawless: a screenprinted design that stress once again the type of appeal that such brand wants to have on its fans: a positive social contagion. Blame it on the oriental origins of its founder but positivity is key when you deal with the perspective of this brand.

Positive is also the approach of its Italian distributor so if you want your shop to connect with such entity don’t panic. Nitro Distribution is its name and getting customers satisfied is its game. Feel free to get in touch with it and your style will not get a boost: it will literally fly, just like a pigeon when someone skates nearby

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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