Staple ● Reversible Bomber Jacket

I was talking about Staple this morning with Nitro Distribution CEO and I told him that this brand has a winning formula hard to duplicate. How can you have such a level of quality and inspiration at a price more than reasonable?

If you are familiar with The Maxiemillion you should know this modus operandi from my previous posts about Staple: it’s always items dropped in perfect timing with current trends.

It may be an alternative camouflage pattern rather than a t-shirt with a unique print but this brand is unpredictable each and every time. Inspiration is strong and I could not see it any different if you think that Staple graphic department is supervised by Jeff Staple himself. A pivotal figure when it comes to successful collaborations, Jeff seems to know in advance what is next as you can see in Staple collections.

After we saw Pigeon flight jacket last year, with its hybrid construction among a varsity and a bomber, this season all the attention is on Reversible Bomber Jacket. You can be all you want in your life: Nasty Nas hustling in Queensbridge projects or happy like Pharrell Williams. Sometimes you can’t decide but I suggest you not to worry as this jacket is able to cover both situations.

If on one side this jacket looks like the OG olive green bomber that Nas was wearing at D&D Studios during “Nas is Like” video, with a quick reverse move it will be able to express your joyful attitude towards life with a one of a kind full orange chocolate chip camouflage. Don’t think about a thick Winter jacket by the way: this is a jacket perfectly suitable for this moment of the year, with Spring about to approach.

The almighty Staple Pigeon is your guarantee on both sides of a cool item that once again that has no competition and in case this is not enough clear, feel free to read the branding also on press buttons of flaps over pockets.

This item just arrived at Nitro Distribution, be quick to cop it at your favorite Staple authorized dealer but feel free anytime to check the new and improved European Staple website, while Spring is not here yet

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