Staple ● Ripstop Camo Nylon Jacket + Pant

Let’s go straight to the point: who will feel safe in a style war, knowing that this Staple tracksuit is around? A style war is the most common urban confrontation. It is a silent thing that may happen wherever, unexpectedly: on a bus just like in a club.


You start to look around you and you see somebody whose dress code speaks to you loud and clear. He shares street cultural values with you, but he is dressed different, so you start to evaluate what is he wearing, compared to what you are rocking.

What can your opponent ever do against Ripstop Camo Nylon Jacket + Pant? He has just one choice: submit. No way to survive the visual impact of these two men’s items (yes, they are sold separately).

If you remember, this one of a kind camouflage pattern is not new to The Maxiemillion: we saw it already on Camo Retro Pockets jacket a couple of months ago, but the style was different. If that had an appeal of a OG military garment, this is more contemporary, with an undeniable tech appeal.


Its blend of nylon and ripstop juxtaposes matte and shiny fabrics just like its vivid pattern contrasts black. The front zipper becomes a way to put to your attention the “Positive Social Contagion” claim that represents the brand from NYC, while the other “World renown” is close to the hands pockets. Every details matters, as you can see, and even the zipper pull is custom made, to take the branding to its utmost level.

With the same style even pants have turned the central color block of the jacket into knee patches with an excellent result. New York bicycle couriers will be happy to wear Ripstop Camo Nylon Pant pulling up the hem with its outdoor style cord.


Now it’s up to you to give your own twist to these two items distributed by Nitro. Do you want to wear them as a tracksuit? Do you want to mix them following your personal taste? In this case just keep it more plain possible, avoiding to add another camouflage or plaid to your outfit. I want you to win every style war…

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