Staple ● State Sport tee

Staple, what would ever be New York streetwear scene without you?! Jeff Staple brainchild keeps on delivering excellence in form of pants, jackets, fleeces, caps and tees all in the name of a research of the next level. Inspirations are endless in the Big Apple, where the headquarter of this brand is from the start. Is it high fashion or skateboarders? Sportswear or urban music? It’s at the exact intersection of all these factors that you can find the streetwear brand known as Staple Pigeon.

I am very close to this brand being a keen observer of streetwear. Be it for my services as a product placement manager for Nitro Distribution (that deals with this brand for Italy) or for the fact that I interviewed Jeff Staple himself on Salad Days magazine, I developed a healthy passion for Staple. When I saw this t-shirt, I couldn’t believe to its level of craftsmanship.

Reworking in a personal way a classic sportswear t-shirt, Staple gave a connoisseur edge to this tee. Called State Sport t-shirt, this item here worn by Samira T includes a felt applique to form the large branding on the chest but this is only the beginning.

Its S made of terry cloth and the embroidered pigeon are no common sight on a t-shirt but as you easily understand… you can’t approach New York if your style is average: you have to put an extra effort to stand out.

Complete in its design with an overcharge of woven labels, one on the left sleeve and two close to the hem, this tee represents the sharp evolution of streetwear with sportswear contamination. It started during the 90s in skateboarding, with the likes of brands like Zero Sophisto or SMA Rocco Division creating hybrids that layed the foundation of such contamination. Now that you know your past, feel free to contact Nitro Distribution for a future with a better style.
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